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Yaquina Bay is a 6-Piece, ever-evolving, folk-pop group from Oregon’s Capitol City of Peace.

Layering accordion, ukulele, guitar, and percussion Oregon native Chris Ward slowly sculpted a sound praised for its distinct old world flavor and pop sensibilities. What began as a recording project evolved into a powerful live act complete with intoxicating melodies and harmonies that ebb and flow between antiquated and contemporary instrumentation.

Violins, piano, and acoustic guitar share the same unique sonic space as heavy bass, sampled organ, and a full drum kit. The music of Yaquina Bay has been compared to The Decemberists, Blind Pilot, and A Hawk and a Hacksaw. It is a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh, familiar and new.

Yaquina Bay’s most recent full length record “The Eastern Desert” explores a musical landscape that distills Ward’s elegant song writing using the dynamics of their robust live show. The record also deals with this unique blend of the old and the new through Ward’s lyrics.

Two full West Coast tours and countless performances in their home state of Oregon have secured Yaquina Bay as “the definition of a hard-working band” – Salem Weekly

It is a description the band has strived to be affiliated with year after year, night after night, show after show. A comprehensive illustration of the roads traveled and melodies composed through the years. But it is also a determined allusion to the promising future of this band. A future containing multitudes of miles to be driven, fans to be captivated, stages to be conquered.

Yaquina Bay’s most recent release is a digital single entitled “Old Foes”.